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Actually, within 2 weeks her attitude changed, she became a friendly horse, with her ears pricked forwards instead of flat in her neck. From this, the only time she had her ears flat ready in 'attack mode', was maybe occasionally when one of the horses was in her space (which is generally a typical mare thing). Her nervousness also diminished rapidly, except when it came to being out on the roads or anywhere near traffic. 

With regard to being anywhere near traffic, it took about a good year before she was actually safe and relaxed/calm enough to ride in traffic. As I was warned before I bought her, she must of experienced something horrific, because the fear that took her over when she saw anything larger than a small car, said enough. Anyway, with a lot of patience and a lot of walks (nearly everyday, even if it was only for 15 minutes) where she could see and be near traffic etc., the fear subsided. 


Unfortunately, all that good work and patience flew out the window one day - because, we got knocked down by a van. This particular day, I took her out for a ride and when we were on this country road, this large van came in the opposite direction - before I knew it, there was a big bang and we were splattered on the road. Tamar scrambled up and bolted down the road, luckily, when I called (yelled) her, she stopped and turned around (a pedestrian was able to get hold of her then). If she hadn't heard me or trusted me, she would of gone into heavy traffic (this road led onto a junction) and this would of most likely ended her. Unbelievably, Tamar had no severe injuries, only one side of her was terribly grazed and of course, she was quite stiff for a short while after. Myself, I was a bit of a cripple for a few months, what with broken ribs, etc., but we were lucky. Of course, after this episode, I avoided heavy traffic with her, it was just too much of a risk. We still went out for long rides, which she loved - I always took routes with as little traffic as possible or I took her in the trailer to the beach etc. 

 to be continued .......