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'SP' Prince 


 continued ......from 'HORSES'

A little about his character - like I say, a 'nutter' and also if a horse can be a snob and arrogant, well that was him, but also super intelligent, even my farrier/blacksmith said once,  "you have got a one hell of a smart horse here". About being a snob and arrogant - he literally looks new people up and down with an attitude - like "who are you" - when a friend of mine came to see him for the first time, she couldn't believe how he just came over (he was loose in the paddock) and looked her up and down.

In his early years, say 3-4 times a week when he was loose, he sort of like trained himself (that's what I called it), he literally would go full belt around the paddock or arena/school for a good 20 minutes or so - and would always loose his legs at least once or twice going at such a speed in the corners, then he'd end up on his back with his legs in the air - he'd be stunned for two seconds, then he'd get back up, give a scream, blow a fuse on the spot (buck/rear/twist - all in one go - I always said, if he did that when you are on his back you could never stay on him) - then off he goes again. 


In fact, he did blow a fuse one day with me on top. He was four going on five then, he was not long under the saddle, maybe a couple of months. This particular day, I was taking him out for a hack for the first time. While I was waiting for someone else (who was accompanying me), I rode him in the outdoor school. He was full of energy and I could feel he was really irritated (it was busy, lots of people and noise). Well, then someone decided to drive into the school with their four-wheel drive and trailer and then he exploded. To be sure, he completely forgot I was on his back, he just blew a fuse (rearing, twisting, bucking at the same time), I managed to stay on for a bit, but in the end I had to let myself fall off - it was either that or be splattered against a wall (I was sort of half hanging off at this point). Anyway, it gave a lot of spectators a good laugh. After that little episode, I went out with him for a hack, quite surprisingly, he behaved himself.  In all the years, I only fell off him twice (surprisingly enough), the one time I just 

mentioned and the other time was, when we again were going out for a ride, as soon as we got out onto the road, he reared up and threw his head back - so he whacked me in the head (I saw stars of course) - and off I went, landed on my back on the road - then I was pretty mad at him, I can tell you. Fortunately, I was okay, so I got back on him and carried on riding.

He loved going out for long rides, which we did on average 3 times a week. When he knew we were going out for a ride, I had to be really quick to get on him, he had absolutely no patience to stand still, he was just raring to go. I must say, in general he was really good (behaved himself) when we were out  riding, of course, he did regularly freak out/blow a fuse, always when something irritated him. 

 to be continued .......