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'RT' Ted 


continued ......from 'HORSES'

It took some time, I would say about 4-5 months, before he really looked a stunner and was really himself. Gradually, over the months you saw him change, not only his appearance, but also the way he carried himself. The first few months he was quite calm, but bit by bit that changed and he became quite a handful, so I learned the hard way, what a thoroughbred is all about - I hadn't had any previous experience with thoroughbreds, he was the first.

About his character, what can I say, basically hot headed, like most thoroughbreds and he would occasionally freak out, giving whopping big bucks - which would occasionally catapult me out of the saddle. At least with him I knew what he would do, not like Prince (rearing, bucking, etc. in one go). He was also, super intelligent and could also be quite cool headed - for instance, often I would take him out for ride, just with a head collar on, and then he would never really mess around.

He turned out to be a real good looking horse, like I predicted, many a time I was asked by other owners/trainers if I was going to race him - I always answered 'no' (I think he had had enough of that). 

Unfortunately, he wasn't with me so long. He was stolen approximately a year and a half later. I tried what I could to find him - with help from the police and several other avenues, but I never found him.


to be continued ......