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... she started filling out and her coat was getting a healthy shine to it - after about 4 months, she looked a healthy and happy/content horse. She actually looked so good, that when I was out riding one day with her, I saw someone I knew and she asked me if I had a new horse and I said, no this is Onas - this person was so stunned, she couldn't believe it, that this was the same horse from several months back.

Anyway, this cracker loved to jump and she was brilliant at it, so I picked up jumping again (hadn't really done much jumping since being in the UK). She loved jumping so much, she literally could jump her own height from a stand still, which she did quite often, regularly she would just pop over the fencing of the paddock - was a bit of a nuisance, but there again I always had to laugh at this. 


From Onas, I learnt the art of 'taking a tumble' (falling off), I fell off her so many times, I lost count. She was a horse that would look for anything and pretend to shy from it (whether it was a bird, twig, puddle, you name it). For example, we are cantering along and she sees something, within half a second, she would be standing still and facing the opposite direction that we were going, so more often than not, I would end up flying off her. Mostly, I fell off the funniest ways, for instance, many a time doing a somersault through the air and landing on my feet. Always she would stand and wait for me to get back on her. I am sure she made a game out of this, because these tricks of hers, she never did when I rode her without the saddle (she knew of course I couldn't get back on so easily). 

She was a horse who would always stand on her back legs (rear up) in tricky situations, like waiting at  traffic lights - many a time she practically sat on a car. This was just a bad habit of hers, it took some time, but it did eventually occur less and less. On the other hand, when riding in heavy traffic, she didn't bat an eyelid at trucks, buses, trams, etc., and for the rest she generally behaved herself.

A couple times a week I would take her out for a long ride, sometimes for the whole day, mostly ride along the coast line, through the dunes and back over the beach, always stopping off somewhere for a bite to eat and something to drink (and of course water for her). This was always in my 'lazy style' of riding - long reins, feet out of the stirrups - of course, this is why I fell off so many times.

 to be continued ......